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The TEFAL MINI 2-Cup Rice Cooker: Perfect Portions

Upgrade your daily cooking with the TEFAL MINI Rice Cooker, the delicious way to enjoy perfect small portions with a compact format and dependable performance every day. This mini rice cooker is equipped with enhanced features and design that are optimal for daily use. The 2-cup capacity ensures delicious fresh rice cooked to perfection, with a durable non-stick cooking pot and one-button control that produce an easier rice-cooking experience. The streamlined compact format takes up less counter space and offers hassle-free storage options, while the non-stick surface and removable inner lid make clean-up a breeze. Ensuring exceptional flavor and texture every time, this compact rice cooker is made for all your favorite rice varieties: white/basmati rice as a side dish for a wide variety of dishes, jasmine or Thai rice to round off mouth-watering Asian meals, or even more specialized varieties like sticky rice or quinoa.

  • Healthy white rice with no compromise on taste
  • Thanks to its unique 2-step cooking process and a "Healthy Rice" basket designed to isolate starch during the cooking process, the Healthy & Tasty rice cooker by Tefal offers healthy white rice with no compromise on taste. Enjoy total versatility and optimal results with this convenient, compact rice cooker!
  • induction heating technology
  • spherical cooking pot
  • compact design perfect for small families and small spaces.
  • capacity : 5 cups (1.0 Litre)
  • Versatile cooking programs: Healthy rice, brown rice, multigrain rice, multigrain congee, quick cooking, congee, porridge, soup, steam, reheat
  • delayed-start and automatic keep-warm functions
  • Digital glass panel with touch control buttons
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts for fast, easy clean-up
  • 16 different cooking programs
  • High-quality double metal-layer inner pot 
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Discover tasty recipes and easy controls with simple buttons.
  • The different accessories included are all dishwasher friendly for maximum convenience.
  • Tasty: Innovative spherical pot rice cooker for excellent heat circulation and even, tasty results
  • User-friendly: Clearly defined One Touch Buttons
  • Large capacity: Perfect for the whole family (10 cups / 1.8 L)
  • Non-stick Pot
  • Durable: 1.5mm 4 layers Coating
  • Easy to clean: Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula and steam basket
  • Easy to use interface, one touch button to choose your favorite menus
  • AI Smart Cooking Technology
  • Optimal heat circulation: Spherical pot for delicious recipes
  • Non-stick durable pot: 2.0 mm thickness with 5.0mm rolling edge
  • Versatile: 11 cooking programs: white rice, jasmine rice, brown rice,glutinous rice, clay pot, congee/soup, quick rice, steam, slow cook, reheat & keep warm
  • Digital display with timer and present function up to 12hr
  • Capacity with 10 cups/ 1.8L
  • Automatic keep-warm up to 12 hours
  • Removable inner lid for easy cleaning
  • Premium colour and chromed opening button
  • Dishwasher safe for removable parts